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Friday 14th March 2014

  • pitchrs7 17.45 - 18 hrs

    Bas was our first speaker of the night. He spoke about their new app mystery friend. An updated version of the boardgame ‘Guess who’. The question they wanted to solve was how to get more engagement and help increase the proposition for people to promote the app to their friends.

  • pitchrs7

    Sleep brought us the interludes between Pitchrs for the night. His spoken word poetry provided the perfect brackets to each segment and entertained the audience through his insightful and rhythmical verses. http://www.sleepythepoet.com/

  • Pitchrs pit battle: Timan Rebel Pitchrs8

    Timan Rebel, freelancer, rebel and candidate to becoming the new pit battle snow-king is founder of Snowciety. Snowciety is an application which allows skiers, snowboarders and snowmonkeys alike to track their locations and achievements. The idea came forth out of a personal need ofr such an app and was built based on inhouse maps. Beofre...

  • Pitchrs pit battle: Lucien Burm Pitchrs8

    Lucien is Co-founder at nineconnections and candidate to becoming our new pit battle king. Nineconnections is an innovative platform for social media professionals. It is like social media voodoo, providing a means to discover new content and even predict what people will share next. Which leads to new followers and in turn to the pot...

  • SomewhereHQ: Luc Dudler Pitchrs8

    Founder at SomewhereHQ, Luc loves nature, traveling, good food&wine, mountains and the sea, the night and DYI. Sounds like quite a catch, we’re excited to hear his views on work, jobs, recruitment, culture and SomewhereHQ.

  • Ineo Gaming: Jasper Middendorp Pitchrs8

    Play retro games with Jasper’s new retro gaming console. Rediscover all the old greats from the SNES, NES, Super Famicom, Famicom, Sega, Atari, NEO-GEO & SNK Days on your tv using your favourite controller. You know you can’t wait, I know I can’t. Don’t tell anyone but I heard it will make an appearance at...

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